Trucking TV was founded in late 2016, and is owned and operated by Chris Gosling, a early-retired marketing director who morphed into a TV producer and journalist, making TV programmes about caravans and motorhomes, boating, retirement and the countryside for a variety of Sky minority and niche channels.

The channel was originally started as a a development project by production house Serious Leisure TV, with a view to producing a TV programme, but after some business model issues, the channel was paused. Gosling restarted it in late 2017, and now runs it as a personal project. He still believes that it would make an interesting and popular programme on an appropriate broadcast channel.

Trucking TV is aimed at drivers and the public in the UK, in Europe and in North America, attempting to explain the driver’s job, and explaining the world of transport to the wider community. It is also aimed at providing drivers with a proper news channel about their interests, not always financed and backed by the people who employ them.